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Systemic analysis and small innovative companies

under the direction of Pierre Saulais (Research Unit LITEM – Institut Mines-Télécom, Paris)

Collections : Technology and Innovation

Editor: ISTE

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Systemic analysis: a powerful tool for innovative start‐ups, VSEs and SMEs

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the articulation of the various contributions to this special issue around the theme of the links between system analysis and innovative start-ups, VSEs and SMEs. The common points between the different points of view are the (…)

Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch (TRIZ) and Intellectual Property to strengthen the start‐up spirit

How can start-ups benefit from good business innovation practices while enforcing the link between invention, innovation and intellectual property (IP) in order to contribute to this vital discussion for the survival of our industries? Some experts of the association TRIZ (…)

Non‐economical values in an innovative firm’s business model

The existing tension between increasingly sophisticated innovations in a complex world and the pursuit of short term profit leads to a focus on economical assessment of an innovative project. However, values other than money, such as knowledge, trust and alignment are (…)

From dynamics of systems to operational management of the unpredictable: the contribution of cybernetics

The course of operations in a company is increasingly disrupted by unpredictable elements experienced in their internal or external environment. A response to this situation may be based on the dynamics of systems. The latter, initially conceived to provide a method of (…)

Pedagogical engineering structured by project‐based learning, a new spearhead for pedagogical innovation? Exploring the case of Business Schools

This article examines the widening gap between the rapid evolution of the needs of organizations for creative collaborators with a strong capacity for innovation and the slow evolution of practices in the world of education. Many causes explain these changes, as they (…)

Capitalization of Expert Knowledge: the Corporate Project of the French Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety in Organizational Innovation

This paper is dedicated to a real-life example of organizational innovation in a knowledge-intensive enterprise, considered as a business project. This project aims to provide a company with a global knowledge management plan (KM) shared by all actors in order to achieve a (…)

Employment‐entrepreneurship hybridization and new work practices: from slashers to alternate‐entrepreneurship

This article is interested in the evolution of forms of employment and organizations as hybridization employment and entrepreneurship (or employment and freelancing). Through this exploratory research, we wish to share our first grounded reports on this reflection. Our (…)

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