Innovation Day 2013

What innovation models are suitable for industrial SMEs?

Monday, June 10th 2013

How does an industrial SME or an intermediate-size company become and remain innovative? Why do some of these companies fail to innovate? Can we identify innovation models which could help managers to design, implement and strengthen sustainable innovation dynamics? If these models actually exist, how can we characterize them? Are these models dependent on the type of industries – whether emerging or mature? On the territories in which they develop relations with their clients, the major corporations, their suppliers or their trading partners?
To what extent and how could engineers implement these innovation models? What training could be offered to student engineers to teach them how to become efficient innovators? To tackle these significant and current issues, Innovation 2013 will endeavour to have many different participants exchange their views: corporate people from SMEs, medium-sized companies and major corporations, public and local authorities and competitiveness clusters managers, as well as professors in engineering, human and social sciences.

Place: Amphitheatre Emilie du Chatelet, INSA Lyon library, close to tram station ‘INSA-Einstein’.

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