About us

The Research Network on Innovation was founded in 2006 aiming at developing a better understanding of:

  • the knowledge based economy
  • the university-industry linkages
  • the intellectual property rights issues

The RNI supports the proposal and submission of research projects, the design of partnerships and consultancy. We also encourage the publication of research contribution on specialized journals.

40 members of the board: AÏT-EL-HADJ Smaïl, ARREOLA Fernanda, BARBAROUX Pierre, BEN SLIMANE Sonia, BOUTILLIER Sophie, BURGER-HELMCHEN Thierry, CASADELLA Vanessa, DEBREF Romain, DEPRET Marc-Hubert, DUBOCAGE Emmanuelle, DUPONT Laurent, FOURNIER Claude, GALLAUD Delphine,  GENTILUCCI Eleonora, GORIA Stéphane, KASMI Fedoua, LAPERCHE Blandine, LEBERT Didier, LEICK Birgit, LIMA Marcos, MATT Mireille, MAZE Armelle, MITKOVA Liliana, MERLIN-BROGNIART Céline, MONINO Jean-Louis, MOREL Laure, ELOUAER-MRIZAK Sana, NADEL Simon, PERRIN-BOULONNE Hélène, REBOUD Sophie, RUANO-BORBALAN Jean-Claude, SAINT-GES Véronique, SCHAEFFER Véronique, SZOSTAK Bérangère, TANGUY Corinne, TEMPLE Ludovic, TEMRI Leïla, TOUZARD Jean-Marc, TROUSSE Brigitte, UZUNIDIS Dimitri, WIELEZYNSKI Marian.

The president and the board of RNI, elected by the general assembly of members based on the following organizational chart.


What is RRI-EDITION ? Click-in for more infos

The board of RNI in details : 

Honorary President: Dimitri Uzunidis
President: Blandine Laperche
Management Board: Sophie Boutillier, Thierry Burger-Helmchen, Laure Morel, Jean-Marc Touzard

Co-operation: Pierre Barbaroux
Treasury & Finance : Leïla Temri
Scientic Strategy: Bérangère Szostak
Publishing: Corinne Tanguy
Organization: Vanessa Casadella

Project Managers:
Communication : Meryem Akesbi
Corporate relation : Marcos Lima
Legal affairs : Olivier Esneu
Cultural affairs: Simon Nadel

Science & Society: Jean-Claude Ruano-Borbalan
RNI Maghreb: Sonia Ben Slimane
RRI Scandinavia :  Birgit Leick

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