RNI Summer School

RNI 2017 Summer School
Nancy, France
28-29th August 2017

« Agile innovation: challenges for individuals, organizations and territories »

The energy, ecological, digital, economic and social transitions are revolutionizing our approaches to companies, institutions and territories. Organizations must adapt their strategies, business models, projects and even redefine their role within their « ecosystem » to face the new challenges brought about by globalization and the expanding digital technology. The metaphor « industrial ecosystem » can be used. This definition thus integrates natural world and artificial device, living and inert, biological systems and information systems, etc.) Companies need to undertake projects to transform their organizations, their working methods and their means of production while continuing innovative projects of new products and services development in order to remain competitive. Territories redesign their skills while imagining new resources to conceive and carry out their projects.

These situations generate a high degree of uncertainty in their implementation and completion perspectives. The transformation of our society implies, therefore, managing the new challenges, the breakthroughs on the one hand of the development of innovations and on the other hand by the establishment of flexible and adaptive organizations, i.e. agile.

This summer school aims to introduce the world of innovation and agile methods to PhD students, researchers and practitioners. This event will allow us to exchange and share our feedback on the theme of innovation and agility applied in multiple fields. The emerging issues generated by these approaches will also be debated and we will try to answer the following questions: What is the value of Agility tools and concepts in enriching innovation processes? How to express the value of the actions carried out within the framework of an innovation project? How can an organization be responsive to the challenges of an innovative project? What are the impacts on the financing modes of innovation and on the commercialization and marketing (of innovation)? Finally, what are the mobilization methods of human resources?

For detailed information, see the event’s website: https://rni2017.event.univ-lorraine.fr/?forward-action=index&forward-controller=index&lang=en

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New submission deadline: May 15, 2017

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