Working Papers

N52 Twenty years of innovation and the deployment of contemporary technological system, Smaïl AÏT-EL-HADJ

N51 The dynamics of the territorial evolution. Entrepreneurs and territorial knowledge capital, Blandine LAPERCHE, Hélène PERRIN BOULONNE

N50 Industrial and innovation policies for the development of environmental technologies in China, Zeting Liu

N49 Inquiry on telework in Europe, Serge Le Roux

N48 Big data, open data and valorization of data, Jean-Louis MONINO

N47 Subsidies, markets, debt and fiscal federalism: What the European North owes to the European South,  Arvind ASHTA

N46 Industrial ecology, territorial trajectory and governance: Lessons from the case of Dunkirk (North – France), Fédoua KASMI, Blandine LAPERCHE, Céline MERLIN BROGNIART, Antje BURMEISTER

N45 From the salarial to the entrepreneurial society: A critical analysis, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N44 New approaches to innovation and knowledge management: What articulation? what issues? what changes?,  Amel ATTOUR, Pierre BARBAROUX

N43 Short supply chains and integrated territorial development: Territories of Mené, Seignaux and Rhone Median (France), Philippe SERIZIER

N42 Silver economy and geront’innovations, Blandine LAPERCHE, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Faridah DJELLAL, Marc INGHAM, Fabienne PICARD, Sophie REBOUD, Corinne TANGUY, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N41 Territorial innovation clusters in Russia: Origins of conceptualization and implementation problems, Guillem ACHERMANN

N40 Does firm creation depend on local context? A focus on the neighbouring effects, Nadine LEVRATTO

N39 Knowledge-capital formation and valorisation of French SMEs, Zeting LIU, Blandine LAPERCHE

N38 Innovation systems from the South, technological transfer and leaning capabilities, Vanessa CASADELLA

N37 An asyncronous history of the economics and ecology and to their « boatmen », Sophie BOUTILLIER , Patrick MATAGNE

N36 ICT, sustainability and terriotrial strategy of sustainable cities: the EcoCities in France, Amel ATTOUR, Marc-Hubert DEPRET

N35 The economy of functionality: historical perspective and empirical illustration, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Blandine LAPERCHE, Fabienne PICARD

N34 Creative watch, an information watch oriented towards innovation, Stéphane GORIA

N33 Mergers failure in the European defence technological and industrial base. The case of EADS / BAE systems, Pierre BARBAROUX, Blandine LAPERCHE

N32 The consolidation of the territorial dimension of labour law, Serge LE ROUX

N31 Entrepreneur-centered territorial development analysis and realities, Antonin MICHELET

N30 Innovation in defence industries: a case study, Pierre BARBAROUX

N29 The dividends of innovation, Marian WIELEZYNSKI

N28 Towards an openness of innovation protection strategies? Delphine GALLAUD, Maximilen NAYARADOU

N27 Information in the heart of strategic competitive intelligence, Jean-Louis MONINO

N26 The parliamentary history of handicraft and small enterprises. Act 1 : The Le Chapelier Law (1791), Claude FOURNIER, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N25 Sovreign wealth funds and and socially responsible investment, Irina PEAUCELLE

N24 The development of ICT in and by the French local authorities: An analysis through the three interrelated dimensions of a digital territory, Amel ATTOUR.

N23 French Policies for Innovation and the Position of the SME, Zeting LIU.

N22 From markets uncertainty to business risk : the entrepreneur’s duty, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS.

N21 R&D globalization of industrial groups: towards « reverse innovation »? The examples of General Electric and Renault, Blandine LAPERCHE, Gilliane LEFEBVRE

N20 Technological innovation: an anti-counterfeit stategy for luxury cosmetic enterprises. Accumulation versus valorization of the Knowledge capital,  Nejla YACOUB, Blandine LAPERCHE

N19  Collaborative Web: New questions for labour and for the enterprise, Françoise AMOSSE

N18 The criticity of the asymmetries’ management in the technology transfer process case study on the onera–sme strategy Florin PAUN Philippe RICHARD

N17 Financialisation and global economic crisis: what impacts on the innovation strategy of industrial groups? Denis LANGLET, Blandine LAPERCHE, Gilliane LEFEBVRE

N16 The commercialization of of public research in France and the issue of university, Blandine LAPERCHE, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N15 The social State in crisis and the change in the regulation of the protection of the Elderly, Alban GOGUEL d’ALLONDANS

N14  The global responsibility of for-profit public services: towards a broader definition of corporate social responsibility, Céline MERLIN-BROGNIART, Marc-Hubert DEPRET

N13 The status of employees in France. Stress, unemployment and precariousness, Denis LANGLET

N12 From markets dictatorship to the new phase of the crisis, Denis LANGLET

N11 The roles of intellectual property rights in the networked enterprise: the growing importance of coordination in innovation networks, Blandine LAPERCHE

N10 Innovation and proximity. Enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovative milieus, Dimitri UZUNIDIS, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N9 The substitution of market laws to esthetic criteria in the contemporary speculative art, Alban GOGUEL d’ALLONDANS

N8 Clusters and networks as the foundations of innovation dynamics in the biopharmaceutical industry, Abdelillah HAMDOUCH, Marc Hubert DEPRET

N7 Crisis, finance and industry, Denis LANGLET

N6 A french ICT start-up idealtype: a work organization synthesis in a context of ruptures, Chrystelle GAUJARD

N5 The (confusing) role of capital in speculative capitalism – U.S-style, James SAWYER

N4 Modelling of the financing of innovative projects through venture capital from real options, Christian PONCET

N3 Conceptualizing Innovation Clusters and Networks, Abdelillah HAMDOUCH

N2 Guanxi and Business Environment in China: An Innovative Network as a Process of Knowledge-based Economy, Francis MUNIER

N1 The Building of an Integrated Patent System in Europe : History and Stakes, Alfredo ILARDI and Blandine LAPERCHE