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“Innovation and R&D policies:  Crossroads between the North and the South”

 August 27-29, 2015

IUT de l’Oise, Creil

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Special issue: Journal of Innovation Economics & Management

Title: Industrial structures, business strategies and innovation

  • Submission of an abstract: July 15, 2015

Title: Frugal innovation: questioning for the economics of innovation and key challenges for the protection of intellectual property

Title: Science, research and society: the impact of innovation and standardisation of Knowledge production

  • Submission of full paper: August 30, 2015

There will be 2 issues: 1 in English & 1 in French. Pour télécharger l’appel à communications pour la revue Innovations. Revue d’économie et de management de l’innovation :


Editorial by RNI, August 2015

« Economic development and innovation capability in globalization », by Vanessa CASADELLA*

Globalization has changed the orientation of the economic policies and contributed to reconsider their role in economic development. If the system of world governance raises problems of efficiency, it nevertheless mobilized many actors in orientating decision-making. The failure of the post-Bretton Woods political dirigisme has engendered other interventionist and liberal periods that have also resulted in failure. Pro-cyclic policies, as mentioned in the « Washington Consensus » worsened the situation of developing countries. It is then the concept of “good governance” which emerges after the Asian crisis at the end of 1990s as a remedy of the good performance of markets. It recommends the development of institutions and infrastructures while respecting new environmental constraints and an fair distribution of resources. But this “good governance” is awkwardly apprehended and does not provide solution to the real problems related to public policies (innovation policies, industrial choices, etc.).

Which model should be conceived to create sustainable economic growth? Perhaps it would be necessary to listen to Galbraith’s precepts based on a simple principle: the organization of a basic training and education system. But beyond this, economic development policy presumes the definition of strategic objectives related to the promotion of innovation capabilities, which goes hand in hand with the construction of innovation systems based on competencies, valorization of scientific and technical knowledge and in particular through human capital.

An innovation system describes the relations between scientific, technological and industrial institutions that are constituted by various types of financial and informational flows. An innovation system in developing countries can only emerge through a suitable institutional framework. The question of development coupled with innovation is important because both interact positively. The reduction of poverty is related to the countries’ ability to control the creation and diffusion of knowledge. But innovation presumes that citizens are free and sufficiently enlightened to produce knowledge. However in developing countries, the unequal treatment of minorities, the weaknesses the innovation system or the bad local governance (corruption, populism) automatically limits the learning capabilities of the society.

But the reality of developing countries could not be satisfied with a form of ambient “South-pessimism”. These countries have uneasily exploitable wealth but which are at the base of a virtuous innovation process. Only with the implementation of real innovation policies. And it is precisely the political decision failures that are blocking developing countries: brain drain, lack of capabilities, ignorance of human potentials and traditional knowledge, low consideration of local informal small firms, etc. However the efficiency of these policies seems strategic in the current world competitiveness. Based on these aspects, the RNI Summer School 2015 in the Creil University Institute of Technology will present various topics between the construction of innovation policies, the structuring of innovation systems of the South and the setting of indicators for the evaluation of innovation policy.

* CRIISEA, University Picardie Jules Verne Amiens

New WP and Report

Latest Working Paper

N47 Subsidies, markets, debt and fiscal federalism: What the European North owes to the European South,  Arvind ASHTA

N46 Industrial ecology, territorial trajectory and governance: Lessons from the case of Dunkirk (North – France), Fédoua KASMI, Blandine LAPERCHE, Céline MERLIN BROGNIART, Antje BURMEISTER


The sustainable entrepreneurial territory. The case of Dunkirk (North, France)
Final report January 2015  – Part 1  – Part 2APart 2B

Directed by  Sophie Boutillier, Blandine Laperche et Dimitri Uzunidis
Authors:  Sophie Boutillier, Antje Burmeister, Blandine Laperche, Céline Merlin-Brogniart, Dimitri Uzunidis, Fédoua Kasmi

Population Ageing and geront’innovations
Final report May 2015

Directed by Bandine Laperche et Dimitri Uzunidis
Authors : Sophie Boutillier, Faridah Djellal, Marc Ingham, Blandine Laperche, Fabienne Picard, Sophie Reboud, Corinne Tanguy, Dimitri Uzunidis


The RRI’s reviews : just published…

L’économie du changement

Marché et Organisations

n°23, 2015/2

Editeur: L’Harmattan

JIE017 Intellectual Capital and Business Innovation

Innovations. Journal of Innovation Economics & Management

n°17, 2015/2

Editeur: De Boeck Supérieur

INNO047 Capital intellectuel et management de l’innovation

Innovations. Revue d’Economie et de Management de l’Innovation

n°47, 2015/2

Editeur: De Boeck Supérieur


Just published: books

Développement économique et capacités d’innovation dans la mondialisation

Vanessa Casadella, Zeting Liu et Dimitri Uzunidis

Série Smart innovation
Collection Innovation, entrepreneuriat et gestion

116 pages – juin 2015 – Editeur : ISTE

JBS entrepreneur Et Jean-Baptiste Say… créa l’Entrepreneur

Société Internationale Jean-Baptiste Say
Uzunidis, Dimitri (dir.)

Collection: Business and Innovation – volume 12
Année de publication: 2015

Editeur: Peter Lang

philo rurale

PHILOSOPHIE RURALE. Ou économie générale et politique de l’agriculture, réduite à l’ordre immuable des loix physiques et morales

Edité par Romuald Dupuy et Pierre Le Masne

Collection : Naissance de l’économie politique, Slatkine Erudiction – Genève

Année de publication: 2014


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Service development and innovation for prosperity and human well-being in the 21st century

25th Annual RESER Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 13-12,2015

  • Submission of abstracts: May 11, 2015