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Special issue: Journal of Innovation Economics & Management

Title: New approaches to innovation and knowledge management: interaction, collaboration, openness

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Editorial by RNI, August 2014

August 2014, “Jean-Baptiste Say or when the entrepreneur meets the intellectual”, Gérard MINART*

From 1803 - the date of the publication of the first edition of his famous Traité - the political economy of Jean-Baptiste Say was already shown as a large theater where played a very new and modern play named the Production, in a setting dominated by the colors called Capital and Industry, with, in the lead role, a central character as Entrepreneur, who was closely tailed by Savant source of Innovation. The new combinations of entrepreneur are resolutely modern: production calls for capital thanks to which innovation develops, thereby valorizing scientific research. The purpose of production is to satisfy the needs that are increasingly stronger, newer, constantly recurring as the society advances. Hence the prominent role of the entrepreneur: he is at the center of the development of production, meeting the needs from which follows the development of social life. Say was therefore especially qualified to handle the enterprise and the role of the entrepreneur in economic life.

Jean-Baptiste Say spent nearly eight years in the Pas-de-Calais, as a business operator of a leading enterprise: a cotton mill. The cotton was for the industry of that time as what the computer for business today: a booming sector driven by a huge technological revolution and dynamic and ingenious entrepreneurs. Indeed, it was during the youth of Say that the innovations dedicated to the processing of cotton born a few years earlier were applied in England which made the cotton industry the trigger for Industrial Revolution in the late XVIIIe century. Therefore, should we be surprised to see Jean-Baptiste Say, a young economist having promoted in his Traité innovation and machinery, involved - and invested - in cotton, this booming advanced sector that carrying all the novelties and promising, no doubt, a quick profit? Irreplaceable experience that will provide ample material to the future professor at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers. It was with this experience that in many of his classes, he would draw the portrait of the entrepreneur and his many qualities: “…he wants judgment, consistency, knowledge of men and things. It is a question of properly appreciating the importance of a product, the expected needs, the means of production; it is sometimes a matter involving a large number of individuals; (to decide whether) to buy or to be bought the raw materials, to gather the workers, to look for consumers, to have a spirit of order and economy, in one word, the talent to manage. He must be accustomed to calculation, can compare the cost of production with the value of the product when it is sold. In the course of many operations, there are obstacles to overcome, worries to beat, misfortunes to repair, … People whom the necessary qualities are not met, run enterprises with little success…” (1)

Schumpeter wrote about Say: “during a large part of his life, he was a business man, a practical man, and he knew thus the advantage of first-hand knowledge which he wrote. Intellectuals who know the business by newspapers are accustomed to congratulate themselves on their detachment. But, obviously, there is another side to the coin.” (2)

…. A small history lesson

*Economiste, journaliste et biographe
(1)Traité d’économie politique, Paris, Guillaumin, 1841, p.370.
(2)Schumpeter, Histoire de l’analyse économique, Paris, 1983, Gallimard, 3 volumes réédités en 2004 dans la collection Tel, p.160.

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Special issue: Journal of Innovation Economics & Management

Title: New approaches to innovation and knowledge management: interaction, collaboration, openness

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